Marsh-marigold (Caltha palustris)
Chicory (Cichorium intybus)
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 Plants of Lanark County, Ontario--2016 Edition
  by David J. White
New Records
This page will show new species and significant records that should be added to the current checklist (dated January 2016). Shown below will be:
  • records that are new species for the checklist
  • reports of species previously known only from historical records (30 years old or more)
  • records of species listed only in Appendix 1 (Excluded Species and Unconfirmed Reports)
When a sufficient number of new records and other changes accumulate, the checklist will be revised and a new version made available on the Download Plant List page. Until that time, here are the new records. As in the checklist, a species preceded by an asterisk (*) is non-native in the county.

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Thalictrum venulosum Trel. (Veiny Meadow-rue) -- previously known only from a 1922 record from Carleton Place (probably along the Mississippi River). A small colony was found by Graham Page at Blakeney Rapids on  the Mississippi on 10 July 2016.

Persicaria arifolia (L.) Haralds. (Halberd-leaved Tear-thumb) -- Mike Oldham of NHIC reported that this species was found in September 2018 in Wolf Grove, west of Almonte, by Michael Patrikeev. Mike Oldham confirmed the identity of a specimen that will be donated to CAN (the herbarium of the Canadian Museum of Nature). Halberd-leaved Tear-thumb is provincially significant (S3).

Polygala sanguinea L. (Purple Milkwort) -- previously known only from an extirpated 1990 record near Watsons Corners. A patch of a few dozen plants was found by Ken Alison at the Perth Wildlife Reserve Conservation Area on 3 August 2019. Purple Milkwort is provincially significant (S3).

Purple Milkwort (Polygala sanguinea)Purple Milkwort (Polygala sanguinea)Purple Milkwort (Polygala sanguinea)
Hypericum punctatum Lam. (Spotted St. John's-wort) -- previously known only from a 1986 sight record from the California area by Patsie Rothschild. Never having seen the species in the county before, the present author was very surprised on 6 August 2019 to find a large colony about 100m from his house!

Spotted St. John's-wort (Hypericum punctatum)Spotted St. John's-wort (Hypericum punctatum)Spotted St. John's-wort (Hypericum punctatum)
Helenium autumnale L. (Sneezeweed) -- found by Cathy Keddy in August 2019 at the edge of a beaver pond in the High Lonesome Nature Reserve in the Pakenham Mtns. According to Cathy, Eleanor Thomson  found Sneezeweed in this area in 2012.