Moccasin-flower (Cypripedium acule)
Showy Lady-slipper (Cypripedium reginae)
Ram's-head Lady-slipper (Cypripedium arietinum)
 Plants of Lanark County, Ontario--2016 Edition
  by David J. White
Project Background
The author began collecting and recording Lanark County plants in 1975 when he and his wife purchased a 100-acre property to build a home in Dalhousie Township. During a lull in consulting work in 1987, the idea of putting all the field notes together into a preliminary Lanark County checklist was conceived and a first draft prepared. I had no idea at the time that it would take nearly 30 years to get the list from there to here!

The second draft of the checklist (containing 922 taxa) was completed in 1990, the third draft (containing 1080 taxa) was written in 1998, the fourth draft (containing 1129 taxa) was circulated in 1999, and the fifth draft (containing 1260 taxa) was completed in 2004. The 2006 version of the list, that was made available when this website was first set up, contained information on 1271 taxa. The 2008 revision brought the total to 1289 taxa, where it remained in the 2009 update. The 2010 edition added six new species to bring the total to 1295 taxa. The 2011 edition added two species and brought the list to 1297 taxa. The 2013 edition added five new species to bring the total known in the county to 1302 taxa. The 2016 edition contains 1309 taxa.

I received some funding to work on the checklist in 1998 from the Ministry of Natural Resources. A number of the environmental impact studies and natural area inventories I have conducted in the last 30 years were in Lanark County so the field work for those studies contributed to the list. Otherwise, the project has been a hobby of exploring the county when time permitted.

The Introduction of the plant list contains much information on the basis of the checklist and acknowledges the help and support of the many friends and colleagues who made many significant contributions to the project.

© David J. White 2016

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