Plants of Lanark County, Ontario--2016 Edition
 by David J. White
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Round-headed Bush-clover (Lespedeza capitata)Round-headed Bush-clover (Lespedeza capitata)Round-headed Bush-clover (Lespedeza capitata)
  Lespedeza capitata (Round-headed Bush-clover) known only in dry woods at O'Brien Lake
  (near Christie Lake), 19 August 2009, 18 August 2011

Pale Spike Lobelia (Lobelia spicata)Pale Spike Lobelia (Lobelia spicata)Pale Spike Lobelia (Lobelia spicata)
  Lobelia spicata (Pale Spike Lobelia), the only recent records are from alvar-like meadows in the
  Pinery Road area, 22, 30 June  2009

Acuminate Wood-rush (Luzula acuminata)Acuminate Wood-rush (Luzula acuminata)Acuminate Wood-rush (Luzula acuminata)
  Luzula acuminata (Acuminate Wood-rush) 25 May 2009

Whorled Loosestrife (Lysimachia quadrifolia)Whorled Loosestrife (Lysimachia quadrifolia)Whorled Loosestrife (Lysimachia quadrifolia)
  Lysimachia quadrifolia (Whorled Loosestrife) 29 June 2009

Hairy Wild Lily-of-the-valley (Maianthemum canadense var. interius)Hairy Wild Lily-of-the-valley (Maianthemum canadense var. interius)
  Maianthemum canadense var. interius (Hairy Wild Lily-of-the-valley) 6 June 2009

Grove Sandwort (Moehringia lateriflora)Grove Sandwort (Moehringia lateriflora)
  Moehringia lateriflora (Grove Sandwort) 28 May 2010

Red-disk Yellow Pond-lily (Nuphar rubrodisca)Red-disk Yellow Pond-lily (Nuphar rubrodisca)
  Nuphar rubrodisca (Red-disk Yellow Pond-lily) 22 June 2009

Whorled Wood Aster (Oclemena acuminata)Whorled Wood Aster (Oclemena acuminata)Whorled Wood Aster (Oclemena acuminata)
  Oclemena acuminata (Whorled Wood Aster) 8 August 2009

Bog Aster (Oclemena nemoralis)Bog Aster (Oclemena nemoralis)Bog Aster (Oclemena nemoralis)
  Oclemena nemoralis (Bog Aster) 8 August 2009

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