Plants of Lanark County, Ontario--2016 Edition
 by David J. White
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Rare Plant Photos C

Upright Bindweed (Calystegia spithamaea)Upright Bindweed (Calystegia spithamaea)
  Calystegia spithamaea (Upright Bindweed) 5 July 2009

Bulbous Cress (Cardamine bulbosa)Bulbous Cress (Cardamine bulbosa)Bulbous Cress (Cardamine bulbosa)
  Cardamine bulbosa (Bulbous Cress) known only from a wet, deciduous swamp near Harper,
  22 May 2009

Cut-leaved Toothwort (Cardamine concatenata)Cut-leaved Toothwort (Cardamine concatenata)Cut-leaved Toothwort (Cardamine concatenata)
  Cardamine concatenata (Cut-leaved Toothwort) 24, 30 April 2010

Buxbaum's Sedge (Carex buxbaumii)
  Carex buxbaumii (Buxbaum's Sedge) 17 June 2009

Richardson's Sedge (Carex richardsonii)Richardson's Sedge (Carex richardsonii)
  Carex richardsonii (Richardson's Sedge) 3 June 2009

Narrow-leaved New Jersey Tea (Ceanothus herbaceus)Narrow-leaved New Jersey Tea (Ceanothus herbaceus)
  Ceanothus herbaceus (Narrow-leaved New Jersey Tea) known only from an alvar meadow
  at the Burnt Lands Alvar, 3, 6 June 2009

Prairie Thistle (Cirsium discolor)Prairie Thistle (Cirsium discolor)Prairie Thistle (Cirsium discolor) with Crab Spider (Thomisidae)
  Cirsium discolor (Prairie Thistle) known only from an alvar meadow at the Burnt Lands Alvar,
  29 August 2009

Virginian Spring-beauty (Claytonia virginica)Virginian Spring-beauty (Claytonia virginica)Virginian Spring-beauty (Claytonia virginica)
  Claytonia virginica (Virginian Spring-beauty) 1 May 2009

Slender Cliffbrake (Cryptogramma stelleri)
  Cryptogramma stelleri (Slender Cliffbrake) 13 August 2009

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